There is many parts of my life I wish to share with you.

Time Traveler is all about those moments stuck on repeat. It’s part of the human condition to dwell on things in our past. How easy it sounds to just forget a misplaced action or an unspoken word, but reality is not that kind. My adolescences is something I often look back on, and usually not with pride. There are moments that shine, and ones that tug on my insecurity’s to this day. Moving forward is easy when one is in motion, but what happens when you are static. The past has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. 

Dear Diary is just what it sounds like, my day to day ramblings. It will probably be messy, jumbled, and a side of this bitch is crazy. Its just a way to get my thoughts out there, and if you do not agree, well don’t fucking read it.

Greenery is all about my love of the outdoors. From creating things from beautiful herbs to pictures of my adventures this is a place to brag about my green thumb, and to share my love for everything natural.

In the Kitchen is were I will share my bomb ass veterinarian recipes, and failures. Becoming a vegetarian is something that is new for me, and I love to cook. Discovering new recipes is why Pintrist has my heart. I don’t promise everything will taste or look the best, but hell its out there.